Why My Belt Squeals When I Turn On Ac?

Have you heard unusual commotions when you turn your engine on? Are you wondering why my belt squeals when I turn on Ac? If you hear squealing noises when you turn on your Ac. That is a marker that your AC blower or your AC belt is coming up short. Having an awful ac blower or broken belt will not damage the general motor activity, however, you will not get cold air into the lodge. The screeching clamors are a reward.

Much of the time, a screeching vehicle forced air system commotion is brought about by an exhausted serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is a long, winding belt that keeps numerous vital pieces of your vehicle working, including the force guiding siphon, pneumatic machine, water siphon, alternator, and (obviously) your climate control system.

Why My Belt Squeals When I Turn On Ac?

Here are some of the reason that why my belt squeals when I turn on Ac:-

1. Faulty Ac Compressor Clutch

On the off chance that your ac blower grasp is defective, your AC won’t blow cold air and will make a screeching clamor as it attempts to lock-in. The AC blower grip is perhaps the main piece of the cooling framework in your vehicle.

This part is accountable for compressing the whole cooling framework with the extra errand to push the refrigerated air through the cooling framework. Due to these two significant errands, the air conditioner blower grasp is cycling here and there and over the long run, it begins to wear and break.

Having low degrees of AC refrigerant is one reason why the air conditioner blower grip isn’t drawing in or making screeching commotions as it attempts to engage.

The ac blower grasp has a huge number of bearing, sections, and tensioners. Over time, these segments will be exhausted and the air conditioner blower grip will fail. Sometimes, the AC specialist commits an error and introduces a portion of the small parts wrong.

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2. Bad Ac Compressor Pulley And Bearing

The AC blower pulley is associated with a drive belt and pivots consistently when the motor is running. An awful ac blower pulley and bearing can make screeching clamors while turning. The AC blower pulley pivots, however not the AC blower shaft. The AC blower shaft pivots are the point at which the AC unit is turned on.

Extreme warmth is the greatest foe of all vehicle ac parts. As the AC blower pulley pivots alongside the bearing, extreme warmth is made that will make harm the pulley and bearing ocean.

In the event that the air conditioner refrigerant lines are broken, the refrigerant would spill. Aside from the low refrigerant level, there is another issue the pulley pivots each time you turn on your motor. As with other pivoting things, the air conditioner blower gets exhausted and isn’t proceeding as it ought to.

3. Broken Ac Belt

The AC belt associates the AC blower grip and the motor driving rod which permits the AC blower hold to pivot each time you turn over your motor. A broken or destroyed AC belt will create screeching commotions when you turn the AC on. This is presumably the most well-known sign that your AC belt is coming up short. When you turn on your AC unit, you can hear a screeching commotion coming from the belt.

As the AC belt turns, it gets warmed and as we probably are aware the warmth is a major adversary to the AC parts. Over the long run, from the warmth and dryness, the AC belt begins to break. This is a conspicuous sign. On the off chance that you open the hood and you see that your AC belt is broken, you need to get another one. The AC won’t work without the AC belt.

How To Fix Car Ac Squealing?

Utilizing engine oil or shower grease on the engine shaft can briefly diminish the commotion. Likewise, people ask why my belt squeals when I turn on Ac? Here are some of the tips to get rid of Ac squealing:-

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1. Remove The AC Belt With A Wrench

The blower’s attractive loop has a connector that you should detach. There ought to be a 6mm attachment on the focal point of the AC grasp which you should eliminate.

2. Clean All The Parts That You Just Uninstalled

You can utilize a WD40 to clean every one of the parts. Whenever you are finished with the cleaning, embed the new pulley and put the snap-ring back.

3. Locate The AC Compressor

On most vehicles, the blower is in the motor cove on the traveler side. You can get to it from the top or from the side by eliminating the traveler side tire.

4. Rotating The Compressor Pulley

Take a stab at pivoting the blower pulley. Assuming it doesn’t turn, the issue is the blower pulley. On the off chance that it pivots and makes screeching or thumping sounds, the bearing could be the issue.

5. Check Your AC Belt Type

The AC belt can be a v-belt and serpentine belt. The thing that matters is their size. The v belt is more slender with just one rib. The serpentine belt has more than one rib.

6. Remove The AC Belt With Your Hands

When you release the air conditioner belt tensioner, you ought to have the option to eliminate the belt with your uncovered hands. Ensure that the pulleys are spotless and no elastic from the belt is left on them.

What  Is The Replacement Cost Of the Serpentine Belt?

A regular serpentine belt begins at around $25 and goes up to $75 probably. On the off chance that you realize some vehicle fix nuts and bolts, you could change the belt yourself, and it might save you paying work charges somewhere close to $75 and $120. By and large, you’re taking a gander at around $100 to $195 to supplant your serpentine belt.


While changing from winter to spring climate, it could mean quite a few things when your cooling unit needs some standard upkeep. Cleaning and keeping up would one say one is the thing, yet imagine a scenario in which after all that there is as yet a piercing screeching commotion. Almost certainly, you’ll experience this in the spring, as your blower/capacitor has been presented to the colder time of year components for quite a long time at an at once).

Now I might certain that you got the significant reasons and solutions of why belt squeals when I turn on Ac. Utilizing engine oil or shower grease on the engine shaft can briefly mitigate the commotion. This, in any case, is certainly not a perpetual fix and the issue ought to be tended to by an AC fix proficient straightaway.

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