Why Is My Car AC Leaking Water On Floor?

One of the most important parts of a car concerning comfort is the Air Conditioning Unit. The AC gets even more important during summers by providing us with cool air. Therefore, an AC which is not working properly is going to cause many problems. Has your car’s AC not been working properly? Is the car AC leaking water? Do you want to know what is causing it and how to get this fixed? Read further to know more.

Water leaking outside the car as drops under it is quite normal during summers. Especially if you are cranking the AC at full intensity. The evaporator core of the AC pulls the moisture inside the car and helps it drain out the car. This is in the form of small drops draining through the evaporator drain.

Reasons For Car AC Leaking Water On Ground:

Water leaking inside can be a problem though. There could be many reasons for this for example a poorly fitted windshield. Down below are the reasons which could be causing the car air conditioning to leak water.

1. Blocked Condensate Drain:

The humidity present in the car is drained out with the help of the condensate drain. This can get blocked due to dirt. When the drain gets blocked the moisture is not able to leave the car and finds its way back the AC vents. This causes the water to flow inside the cabin. A blocked drain can cause many problems. The AC can completely stop working due to this. If you are familiar with the car, you have to just locate the drain and then squeeze it gently to unclog.

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2. Loose Drain Fitted To Ventilation System:

A drain loosely fit to the ventilation system could also be a reason. This does not let the drain do its work properly and the water finds its way back to the ventilation system, creating a puddle inside the cabin.

3. Loose Seals:

Seals in the AC System which are loose can cause the water to seep into the cabin. If this is the reason for car air conditioning leaking water, you will most probably see water near the floor mats on the passenger’s side.

4. Faulty Air Filter:

The air filter of your car’s AC absorbs dirt and debris. This can cause the filter to block over time. A blocked air filter will cause the condensate drain coils to freeze up. This will cause more water to flow out of the condensate drain.

5. Low Refrigerant Levels:

The refrigerant present in your car’s AC is needed to produce cool air. This is needed in an adequate amount at all times. When the refrigerant levels are low, the pressure of the AC gets higher than it supposed to, causing the water to flow inside the cabin.


6. Broken Condensate Drain Pan:

A condensate drain pan can be caused due to wear and tear. A broken drain pan can cause the AC to leak water through the vents.

All of these reasons above could be the cause behind your car AC leaking water. Other reasons could also be causing this but the ones mentioned in this article are very common.

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What Is The Cost To Fix AC Leak In Car?

The cost for fixing the issue can range from very low to very high, depending on the extent of the damage. If a component is severely damaged, it might need a replacement which will raise your repair cost. Before waiting for things to get worse, you should go to a repair shop and get this problem fixed. Otherwise, the consequences can be really hard on the car.

How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner From Leaking?

A car AC leaking water can be very tricky to fix and you should not try it yourself. An experiment like that can make things even worse for your car. Therefore, going to a repair shop would be a really wise choice.


An AC is a major part of a car. A messed-up AC can be really problematic and it needs to be repaired. A car AC leaking antifreeze can cause the AC to stop functioning at all in the future. Unfortunately, it cannot be fixed by a layman. Secondly, it is not possible for a normal person to understand the exact problem. You should take your car to a repair shop as early as possible. I hope this article helped you with your queries.

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