Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Pee?

Vehicle cooling is a framework inside your vehicle. That permits you to cool the inside quality of the vehicle in a sweltering climate, accommodating a cooler climate for the tenants. Cooling presently comes as standard in practically all recently delivered vehicles. And is an element that most vehicle proprietors have generally expected.

It is absolutely impossible that anybody drives vehicles without turning on the forced air system nowadays. It has nearly gone to a point where you switch on the AC soon after you start your vehicle. Thus, AC is a vital piece of vehicles now. But the question arises why does my car ac smell like pee? A foul smell like that of pee alongside cooling isn’t at all attractive, correct? Stress not! This article will run you through why this happens and how you can fix this issue.

Why Does My Car Ac Smell Like Pee?

Little creatures, particularly mice, will creep into a vehicle’s air consumption framework and home. Mice’s pee and excrement can gather. You need to dismantle the admission and wipe out the admission by hand prior to sanitizing. Make certain to wear gloves and a cover! Some of the main causes of why does my car ac smell like pee are listed below.

1. Mold And Bacteria

Most likely one reason why there is an unmistakable smell in your climate control system when you turn it on is the development of form in your air vents. Scents of mold in your vehicle might be brought about by the development of microbes.

As the vehicle gets more established, microorganisms, form, growths, and miniature living beings can begin to develop. The development of these microscopic organisms is regularly behind the scramble board on the evaporator. This causes an upsetting scent coming out of the climate control system unit. Additionally, on the off chance that the climate control system isn’t utilized as regularly. This can likewise cause the development of microorganisms.

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Switching on your forced-air system to the most extreme regularly may likewise cause microorganisms development because of the overabundance of water that is dribbling in your unit.

2. Gas Leak

On the off chance that you smell gas each time you switch on your vehicle’s climate control system, then, at that point, your vehicle may have a gas spill. At the point when you turn on your A/C unit. The gas smell is being sucked into the outside air that the forced air system is taking.

3. Dirty Air Filters

Your air channels may likewise be causing a peculiar vehicle climate control system smell. If not cleaned as expected, the air channel can gather soil, stale water, dust bugs, and other destructive toxins. This can bring about an awful stench each time you switch on your climate control system.

4. Antifreeze

In the event that the cooling framework in your vehicle smells sweet, you ought to have your unit checked right away. The sweet smell is frequently the reason for poisonous fluid ethylene glycol or liquid catalyst. This smell is the consequence of a break in the cooling framework. The break can emerge out of the warmer center, line or hose, coolant lodging unit, or the radiator.

What To Do When Your Car Ac Smells Like Pee?

On the off chance that you accept the smell is brought about by the most probable offender, shape. There are various answers to fix the issue and get your vehicle possessing an aroma like new once more. The principal thing to attempt is to clean the vehicle’s ventilation consumption framework with a sanitizer. It is simple and typically viable. On the off chance that it doesn’t work, you can move onto more costly arrangements underneath.

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1. Drain Condenser

The main thing to do is to guarantee that your climate control system channel line isn’t stopped. This is finished by turning on your vehicle alongside the AC framework and allowing it to sit in the recreation center. Following 5 or 10 minutes look under the vehicle and you should see your condenser trickling water onto the ground.

In the event that you don’t see water on the ground, you should unplug the channel line from the AC unit and push a wire through it until whatever is stopped up comes unclogged. Reattach the channel line and proceed onto the subsequent stage to free the vehicle of smell. When affirmed that your AC channel isn’t stopped it’s an ideal opportunity to continue forward to the following stage.

2. Turn On The AC

Turn the vehicle on, draw in the AC, open every one of the vents, and turn the fan to its most noteworthy setting. The distribution setting should be gone to OFF as you need the AC framework attracting air from an external perspective.

3. Open Your Window

Remember to break your window as you don’t need the destructive Lysol exhaust to influence you or your family.

4. Spray Lysol Into The Air Intake Vents

Outwardly of your vehicle at the lower part of your windshield, there is a vent called the air admission vent. With the AC running you should feel attractions at these vents. Take a huge container of Lysol and shower the entire can equally on both the driver and traveler side while the vehicle and AC are running.

5. Let Your Car Run 10 Minutes

Leave the vehicle running for ten minutes to let the Lysol exhaust circle through the AC framework.

6. Purchase HVAC System Cleaner

Ensure you buy a can with an application tube you can slide up through the AC channel tube up to the AC unit. A cleaner can be bought at your neighborhood home improvement shop. Or car parts store, or on the web.


I hope from this article you will have a brief answer to the question of why does my car ac smell like pee. So in the event that you notice that your vehicle’s AC smells harsh, you needn’t stress. More often than not, this condition occurs due to not really hurtful reasons. However, choosing to overlook the issue and endure the smell is certainly not a wonderful thought.

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