How To Make Car Aux Louder? [10 Easy Tips]

Many-a-times, you may wish to listen to music and connect your phone to the car’s auxiliary system. But, oh boy, there isn’t enough volume to hear that incredible piece of music. If you are a music fan with dozens of good songs stored on your phone, you are in for a severe disappointment. Today, you can find out how to make car aux louder and get the most out of the sound system during your road trip.

car aux system

Trying to decipher the song from a low volume output can be downright frustrating. It can also affect your driving if you constantly think of the malfunctioning car aux instead of focussing on the road. If you are facing this problem, worry no more, for this article will help you out.

Understanding The Issue [Diagnose]

How can I increase the volume on my aux? As with any other problem, first, we need to understand why the problem is occurring. Which component is the culprit if the aux sounds bad in your car? As a starting point, you may ask yourself the following questions:

aux cable to make car aux louder

  • Is it a recent problem? Was the car aux louder some time ago?
  • Are you using a different aux cable?
  • Is the music device you are using not the usual one?
  • Have you changed the sound settings on your device? Is the volume set too high or low?
    phone volume settings to make car aux louder
  • Is the aux cable visibly broken or damaged?

To properly diagnose the problem, try using some other music device, for example, your friend’s phone. Also,  a different aux cable if you have one.

Easy Ways To Make Car Aux Louder

Why are my car speakers so quiet? If you managed to find out which component is the problem, good job! In case of a damaged aux cable, you will have to replace it. Otherwise, try the following tips on how to make auxiliary louder without too much hassle.

1. Use Another Output Device

If the low volume is a recent dilemma, it could be because you have changed your usual music device. Connect some other device to the car’s aux system and play some music. If the music sounds better than the previous device, you know that the device’s settings or its aux port are faulty. Otherwise, try out the other tips.

If possible, you can continue to use a different device without doing anything further. However, if that is not the case, you may need to check the phone settings of the previous device.

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2. Secure The Aux Jack In The Port

Sometimes, the aux cable may have a loose connection at the port. If it isn’t fully inserted, you will hear some sound but not at the highest volume. Always push the jack into the aux port as far as it goes on both the car console and the music device. Firmly insert the aux cable plug and try playing music again.

fix the loose aux cable to make car aux louder

3. Reduce the Volume

If you previous increased the device volume to a high level, it could also cause a low volume on your car’s aux. It is a natural response to a low-intensity sound on the car speakers but gives an overly strong output. Consequently, the volume set on the car’s stereo is distorted, resulting in a lower overall volume.

Lowering the volume on your phone may solve your issue.

4. Set The Equalizer To Off

In modern phones, music players have in-built equalizer software. It is supposed to moderate the volumes of different songs to the same level. However, its meddling can lead to the volume decreasing on the car aux. Check the equalizer settings of your device’s media player. Make sure to turn it off.

turn off the equalizer setting to make car aux louder

5. Faulty Aux Port On Music Device

It is possible that the auxiliary port on the output device is damaged, thus causing a low volume. If that is the case, you can either use a different device or replace the aux port of your phone from a repair shop.

It may also be that the aux port has gathered some dust which is interfering with the connection. Cleaning the aux port may give good results if so.

6. Reboot The Device

When a phone has operated for a long time, it exhibits software problems resembling the one bothering you. Reboot the device and note the difference in the music.

7. Reset The Car Speakers

If none of the above has worked, the car’s speaker may have developed a fault. In most cases, if it is a software problem, you can solve it by resetting the stereo system and the speakers to their factory settings. See if working on the speakers solves what is wrong. In the world of electronics and software, a good reset and reboot resolve almost any problem.

However, if low volume persists for radio and USB music, the speakers have probably sustained damage. They need either repair or replacement. Loose cabling commonly plagues car audio systems. It can often cause low audio output. Check the edges of the amplifier after removing it from its housing to confirm that no part of the amplifier has contact with the housing metal. If it is, cover the area with some electrical tape.

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8. Replace The Aux Cable

It may be that the aux cable is visibly in poor condition or has become internally disconnected. You will have to buy a new one to solve this issue. The wires inside an aux cable are delicate. Any damage to them isn’t easily noticeable. A standard aux cable will work with most digital devices having a 3.5mm jack, for example, headphones, iPods, iPhone, tablets, MP3 players, Laptops, Cell phones, and most importantly, the car aux stereo.

The cost of a new aux cable is around $6 to $15.

9. Use A Mini Headphone Amplifier

Some devices are designed for low volume applications and thus cannot produce sound above a certain volume threshold. Especially those devices meant to be primarily used with earphones will not have high-level amplifiers because that would hurt human ears. If you wish to use such a device for the car aux stereo, you can buy a mini headphone amplifier to make the car aux louder.

A headphone amplifier significantly boosts the music volume of the input device, making the aux line louder than usual. You can now enjoy the music as you wanted to. Some amplifiers also have a bass setting to improve the quality of the music you hear much further than what your car stereo could do. If you were wondering, “How can I make my car speakers louder?” this is your answer.

A headphone amplifier comes with a mini aux cable as well. So, if you had a damaged aux cable, it solves that too. To use it, you need to connect one aux head to the car aux port, the other to your audio device. You can power the amplifier by connecting the USB charging cord to the cigarette lighter socket. Remember to set the volume to a desirable level since it is much louder than before.

The cost of an amplifier is between $25 to $30.

10. Consult A Sound System Mechanic

If none of the above has worked, you should contact a specialist. Occasionally, the wiring of the sound system could be wrong, leading to a lower volume on the aux portion. Only an expert can help you, in this case, to identify and fix the concern with the stereo.

Is Aux Cord Louder Than Bluetooth?

Transmission of music via Bluetooth results in a phenomenon termed a loss of fidelity, which determines how well a copy reproduces the source file. Thus, auxiliary cables are capable of a higher quality sound transmission. In short, aux cables provide a superior quality of music than Bluetooth. However, the distinction is not noticeable unless the listener is an audiophile or a music connoisseur.

There is no noticeable physical difference between Bluetooth and Aux music. However, these transmission methods operate via different software on the music device. So, you may encounter different settings in the software that make one louder than the other.


With the simple fixes mentioned in this article, you can make the car aux louder and enjoy excellent music. Most importantly, when you notice the volume of the car aux dropping, you should start by inspecting the problem.

If you cannot find the fault, try the tricks we mentioned one by one and see if they help.

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