What To Do When My Seatbelt Light Stays On?

Seat belts are quite possibly the main security highlights in your vehicle. Safety belts help keep you from moving around a lot in the seat while you’re driving. This is particularly evident in case of an impact where the safety belt will secure and keep you in the seat regardless of whether the vehicle rolls.

Since automakers need you to remain protected, a safety belt cautioning light is utilized on each vehicle made nowadays. This admonition light reminds the driver and at times even the front traveler to put on their safety belts when the vehicle is moving.

Likewise, people ask that why my seatbelt light stays on? Inside the driver’s safety belt clasp is a switch that enacts when the safety belt is attached and loosened. The vehicle’s PC screens the switch and can tell when the driver hasn’t clicked their safety belt.

At the point when you turn over the motor, the safety belt light will normally streak for a couple of moments regardless of whether the safety belt is as of now got. Most vehicles likewise utilize a toll as an extra suggestion to utilize the safety belt.

What Causes Seatbelt Light Stays On?

Think about your safety belt as an electrical circuit. It’s an ‘open’ circuit when the best is separated and ‘shut’ when associated. The safety belt cautioning light ought to go out once you have safely locked in and shut the circuit. On the off chance that the safety belt light stays on, perhaps alongside an irritating notice ring even after you have safely clasped the belt, the circuit is staying open keeping the admonition framework dynamic. These are some of the causes of why my seatbelt light stays on:-

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1. Exhausted Airbag Backup Battery

In the event that your vehicle’s battery has depleted as of late. It might have additionally drained the reinforcement battery that powers the airbags. It might address itself once the battery is completely energized once more, however on the off chance that not the reinforcement battery should be re-energized alongside a sensor reset.

2. Faulty Sensors

Your vehicle has a wide range of sensors associated with various segments. They interface straightforwardly to the vehicle’s PC framework to identify and tell the driver of any possible issues. Sensors can fizzle or be stumbled on mishaps to cause the airbag cautioning to enlighten. The sensors should be checked and the framework should be reset.

3. Harmed Airbag Clock Spring

The airbag clock spring is there to keep up coherence between the electrical wiring of the vehicle and the driver-side airbag. It curls in and out as the controlling wheel turns. It can get destroyed normally after some time, which causes a helpless association and potential airbag disappointments.

4. Wet Airbag Module

On the off chance that your vehicle has encountered water harm, it might have influenced the airbag module situated under the driver and additionally the front seat. On the off chance that it is shorted out or eroded, it will not work as expected.

Regardless of whether it’s on unintentionally or through one of these normal causes, your airbag cautioning light is there which is as it should be. On the off chance that it goes ahead, you will need to get your airbag framework and sensors fixed as quickly as time permits.

What To Do When My Seatbelt Light Stays On?

It is normal information that you should wear your safety belt while driving. However, there are numerous circumstances where a manufacturing plant safety belt alert can turn into an aggravation. Now and again, it is even workable for the caution to get “stuck” and ding continually if you are clasped. Fortunately, it is typically conceivable to cripple this safety belt alert. Here are some tips to disable seatbelt warning:-

1. Beware Of The Airbag Risk

On numerous vehicles, the safety belt sensor is additionally used to trigger the airbag. Research whether this is the situation in your vehicle prior to doing anything exceptional to your safety belt caution.

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2. Check The User Manual Or Ask Your Reseller To Disable It Per Software

Practically all manuals give guidelines on the most proficient method to incapacitate the safety belt alert without cutting any wires. This typically comprises of doing a progression of errands in the vehicle while left.

3. Disable Your Alarm

This may mean after the means in the proprietor’s manual for reinventing your alert Alternatively, you can take the vehicle to your vendor to do this. A few vehicles may need to go to the seller to be reinvented with explicit programming.

4. Install The Seat Belt Alarm Stopper

Ensure that your plug accommodates your safety belt repository. At that point, just snap the plug into your repository. You are presently liberated from the dinging alert sounds.

5. Get An Unattached Seat Belt Clip If You Don’t Plan To Use The Seat Belt

There are two essential items available that are alluded to as safety belt alert plugs. The first is just an unattached safety belt cut that can be embedded into the repository. The most secure approach to utilize this alternative is to source a safety belt clasp, or tongue, that coordinates with your unique safety belt precisely.

6. Purchase An Extender If You Plan To Use The Seatbelt

The other plug choice, called an extender, is a piece that cuts into the repository, yet additionally gives an extra container so you can utilize your safety belt without eliminating the alert plug. You should buy your extender from the first hardware producer of the safety belt.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Seat Belt Sensor?

The substitution cost of a safety belt pre-tensioner is around $150 to $200. The expense of the parts is about $50 to $100 while the expense of the work is about $100 to $125. You might have the option to diminish the work in the event that you can track down a modest enough specialist around there or just enroll the assistance of an amigo that likes to deal with vehicles. Remember, valuing will fluctuate by area and your vehicle’s makes and model.


The airbag light goes ahead when any piece of the airbag framework—which comprises the safety belts, sway sensors, the SRS airbag control module, and the genuine airbags—isn’t working as expected. The airbag light cautions the driver that the airbags won’t send during a crash or abrupt stop until the issue is managed.

Now, I think you might have the answer to the question that what to do when the seatbelt light stays on. To abstain from driving unsafely, drivers ought to quickly do everything possible to get their airbag framework working appropriately once more. Regularly, the arrangement lies in the SRS airbag control module.

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