Why Rear Wheel Locked Up While Driving?

Standing-start execution for the most part goes up: When you punch the gas pedal in a back tire drive vehicle, the weight moves to the backside, exactly where you need it for the greatest speed increase on dry surfaces. What’s more, therefore, the front wheels center around coordinating the vehicle, killing force steer. You can likewise “point” a back tire drive vehicle with the gas pedal by applying power and sliding the backside through a corner.

In back tire drivetrains, power is moved to the two back wheels. There are numerous advantages to having power moved to the back tires, including prevalent taking care of, speed increase, and slowing down. Does the question arise as that why rear wheel locked up while driving?

The probable cause is a bombed wheel bearing except if something uncommon has caused the brake caliper to bolt the brake rotor. By a long shot, the most widely recognized reason for what you are depicting is basically bearing disappointment. The fix can be gotten by mentioning wheel bearing substitution.

Why Rear Wheel Locked Up While Driving?

Some significant causes of rear wheel locked up are given below:-

1. Rear Brake Hardware

Rear brake equipment has a significant impact on legitimate back brake activity. Numerous individuals consider return springs as just an approach to deliver the brakes however in all actuality. They additionally decide when the back brakes will apply. A feeble return spring will permit the brakes to connect too early.

This could make that back tire lock up. Hold-down springs are intended to keep the brake shoe solidly against the sponsorship plate. On the off chance that the hold-down springs are powerless, the shoe could rooster causing a limiting condition. The substitution of back shoe equipment ought to be proposed each time the back brake shoes are supplanted to keep this from occurring.

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2. Brake Drum Condition

Brake drum condition ought to be figured in while deciding the reason for back tire lockup. An out of round brake drum or drums that fluctuate in measurement a lot from one side to another could cause a one-wheel lockup condition. Apportioning drum runout or roundness isn’t simple in the field.

Current micrometers don’t permit a repeatable estimation to be taken. Utilizing the brake machine and a dial marker is just precise if the machine and connectors are in the appropriate condition. In the event that you speculate the back brake drum is causing the issue introduces it on the opposite side of the vehicle and test drive the vehicle. On the off chance that the issue moves to the contrary side, you are destined for success, if not proceed with your journey.

3. Shoe Lands Or Bosses

The shoe terrains or “supervisors” are a regularly disregarded thing when searching for the reason for a back tire lockup condition. The shoe lands keep the brake shoe square with the drum and give a grating surface to the shoes to move against. After some time the managers can get scored and consumed.

This cutting can permit the brake shoe to hold tight either the apply or the arrival of the brakes which can cause a lockup. The shoe terrains ought to be checked during the investigation and if back brake administration is performed they ought to be cleaned and lubed.

How To Unlock A Rear Wheel?

These are some significant steps to get rid of rear wheel locked up while driving:-

Step 1 

Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the leaving brake to forestall rolling or over the top development while chipping away in the driver’s seat.

Step 2

Find the wheel lock key inside the vehicle or in the storage compartment. Wheel locks introduced at the manufacturing plant regularly have the key put away in the glove compartment, the storage compartment, or in a capacity compartment in the back of game utility vehicles.

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Step 3

Position the wheel lock key on the wheel lock. Match the recessed lock design on the wheel lock to the raised example on the wheel lock key. Hold the key set up on the wheel lock with your hand.

Step 4

Slide the finish of the drag wrench over the hex-formed finish of the wheel lock key. Push the finish of the drag wrench safely onto the key.

Step 5

Apply forward strain to the haul wrench to hold the key set up on the lock. Pull the wrench to one side or counter-clockwise to break the sans lock. Keep turning the lock to slacken and eliminate.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Rear Wheel?

The expense of parts to fix a hub makes up most of the expense. And runs from about $430 to $480 dollars. Work on a back pivot fix is generally around $50 to $70.


All don’t need the appropriate consideration or mediation of a specialist. Something really doesn’t require expertise. All you need is some appropriate bit-by-bit management that can help you construct trust inside yourself.  And help fix the vehicle with your own special hands.

Now I might sure that you have the answer to the question that why rear wheel locked up while driving? By far most of the back tire lockup issues will be identified with the mechanical causes talked about before. There will be events when the issue will not be identified with a mechanical issue in the back brakes and you should be ready for this.

All things considered, this isn’t unavoidable. With some little consideration, we can help forestall this issue each time you leave for something longer. Utilize wooden slopes to hold your Car rather than Hand Breaking. Since Hand Brakes opens up the entrance that will really cause secured wheels in numerous cases.

Rubbing is the fundamental explanation this activity is successful. In the event that a vehicle is getting across a surface toward any path other than the heading it is pointed, it is slipping (or sliding), and a sideways burden is being forced against the tires. This causes a ton of grinding, regardless of whether the tires are permitted to pivot unreservedly.

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