How To Get Rid Of Vinegar Smell From Car AC?

The forced air system or vents are probably going to contain some type of amassing of common substances that can mature and shape liquor-like materials as they rot, creating vinegar or a vinegar-like smell. One significant reason for the vinegar-like smell is the total shape. Now the question arises that how to get rid of the vinegar smell from car Ac?

The most ideal approach to eliminate the smell of vinegar in your vehicle’s AC is to take it to a dependable technician. Taking the vehicle to an expert wipes out the mystery and mitigates the danger implied on the off chance that you attempt to fix it. A foul smell like that of vinegar alongside cooling isn’t at all attractive, correct? Stress not! This article will run you through why this occurs and how you can fix this issue.

Why Does Your Car AC Smell Like Vinegar?

Is it accurate to say that you are getting in your vehicle? Wrenching up the forced air system, and quickly getting a substantial vinegar whiff? It isn’t just frightening yet unsavory for some individuals.

Some vehicle organizations have found developments that assist the vehicle with recognizing various scents and acclimate to make travelers more agreeable. In the event that the fragrance of vinegar is clear while you’re utilizing your forced-air system. That implies that the issue is with the AC. It very well maybe because of a few reasons like:-

1. Moisture

It of course does not produce cool air on its own. The air conditioner absorbs moisture and heat from the outside world, cooler than the air inside your car. It consists of coils that further condense this absorbed moisture freeing it of all the humidity and releasing the car’s cool air.

So it is obvious that the coils are surrounded by cooler air than the air around. The air that is absorbed by the air conditioner system forms moisture pockets in the condensation unit of the ac. These are drained outside the cars using drain lines. However, if this moisture fails to get out, it gets stuck inside the closed AC system causing it to emit a vinegar-like smell after a few days.

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2. Mold

This reason is typically a continuation of the previously mentioned cause. Dampness incapable to escape your vehicle for the most part happens when the channel line has some harm. In such a case, the dampness stalls out inside your ac framework and if the AC is utilized every now and again, there are chances that the unit will turn into the reproducing place for molds and different types of microbes.

In the event that this happens, the cool air that is let out into your vehicle by your climate control system will convey a foul vinegar-like smell, on account of the shape and microscopic organisms. As a rule, when your vehicle’s AC smells like vinegar, this is the explanation.

3. Decaying Material

You may likewise have left in or close to your forced air system or other normal material accumulating. The climate control system can shoot the smell of vinegar into the vehicle as it rots.

4. Ozone

It could be delivered by an electronic forced air system motor, which can have a harsh smell when blended in with rotting material or buildup.

5. Battery Acid Leak

Spilling sulfuric acid has a solid sulfur scent that can some of the time be seen as vinegar.

6. Fungus

The parasite might be filling in the vents of the forced air system if the conduits are appropriate for the living beings’ development.

7. Bad Filter

At last, the smell may imply that the time has come to change the climate control system channel.

How To Get Rid Of Vinegar Smell From Car AC?

There is no way you can adjust to the vinegar smell of your car. You will want to get rid of the vinegar smell from car Ac. To do as such, the main thing you should do is to check the channel tube in your vehicle. Subsequent to finding the channel tube, check if it’s functioning admirably. It’s smarter to take your vehicle to a technician than to check it all alone. This is on the grounds that it will be difficult for you to distinguish in the event that it is working or not all alone. Here are some steps to get rid of a vinegar smell from car Ac:-

1. Find The Source

Perhaps the main issue with fixing an issue like a rotten climate control system is that disposing of it very well may be testing when you can’t the essential source.

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Discovering the wellspring of the smell could likewise advise you if a minor cleaning cycle could help or if the air channel needs supplanting. I have recorded a couple of causes above and it very well may be at least one of those sources.

2. Switch Off AC

The principal procedure you can attempt is, turning off the AC a couple of moments prior to closing off your vehicle. However, leave the AC fan on and open. This technique will help in drying the AC unit, subsequently letting out all the gathered dampness.

3. Clean AC Filters

Clean your vehicle’s AC channels at ordinary spans. Try not to stop for a second to supplant them if necessary. On the off chance that the air channels stay grimy and old, this can prompt a diminished wind stream which allows dampness to remain inside the framework making the vehicle AC smell like vinegar.

4. Spray Antiseptic

Showering germ-free into the air vents can help in murdering the rearing molds and microorganisms in the AC framework. The air loaded up with germicide will be sucked into the ventilation framework and with no time, the parasites will bite the dust consequently assisting you with disposing of the vinegar smell.

5. Using Baking Soda

Strategies like keeping an open container of heating pop or great basics in your vehicle for quite a while may likewise help. This will help dispose of the vinegar smell from your vehicle. This method is impermanent on the grounds that it just eliminates the smell left back in your vehicle. The smell will again return when you switch on your AC once more, so it’s smarter to eliminate the smell inside and out than briefly.


It’s absolutely impossible for anybody to drive vehicles without turning on the climate control system nowadays. It has nearly gone to a point where you switch on the AC soon after you start your vehicle. Therefore, AC is a vital piece of vehicles now.

Be that as it may, have you at any point encountered the condition, your vehicle AC smells like vinegar when turned on? So now think I might be clear to the question that how to get rid of the vinegar smell from car AC? So if you notice that your car AC smells sour, you needn’t worry.

Most of the time, this condition happens due to not-so-harmful reasons. But deciding to ignore the issue and tolerate the smell is not a good idea. Adopt the methods mentioned in this article to completely wipe out the smell and do the necessary to not let the smell return.

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