Why Car Won’t Start But Battery Is Good?

At the point when your vehicle doesn’t begin the typical inclination is to be faulted the battery for causing such an issue. Be that as it may, have you at any point confronted a circumstance. The car won’t start but battery is good. If not, you need to realize that such a circumstance is additionally conceivable.

Vehicles may have a few issues that make them not start other than a flawed battery. We will walk you through such occurrences that cause your vehicle to not begin so read on! There are numerous frameworks in your vehicle isolated from the battery and maybe having an issue.

Allow us to walk you through the vehicle’s principal reasons will not begin, yet the battery is acceptable. Regardless of whether you imagine that the battery is acceptable, presumably by seeing the lights working or the radio working, it’s anything but a decent battery. Subsequently, the primary thing you need to affirm and check is the battery.

 Why Your Car Won’t Start But Battery Is Good?

Here are some of the reasons why your car won’t start but battery is good:-

1. Ignition Switch

The most well-known issue could be the start switch. Explain that the start switch isn’t the lodging where you embed the key inside. It’s anything but an inner segment inside your beginning framework that your vital contacts to kick the vehicle off.

In the same way as other vehicle segments, the start switch can turn sour sooner or later on schedule, despite the fact that it’s anything but normal. Fortunately, when your start switch turns sour, your vehicle would advise you even before it gets terrible.

2. Fuses And The Fusible Links

When affirming that the battery is fit as a fiddle. You would now be able to examine the breakers and the fusible connections. Allude to your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual to find the circuit box. On the off chance that you don’t have a duplicate of your manual, you can download one from the web or solicitation a printed copy from your nearby repairman.

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In your wire box, search for signs or scents of consumed wires bringing about your vehicle not beginning regardless of whether you have a decent battery. Free associations can likewise keep the electrical flow from coursing and getting to your electrical framework’s various segments, including the starter.

3. Frozen Fuel Lines

Do you drive in sub-frigid temperatures? In some cases when driving in low temperatures, the fuel freezes in the fuel supply lines and doesn’t make it to the motor; in this way, your vehicle will not begin, however, the battery is acceptable.

4. A Clogged Fuel Filter

There is consistently a fuel channel inside your fuel supply framework keeping foreign substances and other earth from advancing toward the motor. After some time of utilization, this channel can get obstructed somewhat or totally.

While an in part stopped up channel probably won’t keep your vehicle from beginning, a totally obstructed channel doesn’t permit any fuel from getting to the motor, and consequently, your vehicle will not begin regardless of whether you have a decent battery.

5. Starter

In the event that you affirmed that the battery, the circuits, and the start switch are functioning admirably. Continue ahead and take a gander at the starter.

Another normal justification your vehicle will not begin, yet the battery is acceptable is an awful starter. Your vehicle’s starter is liable for moving the electrical flow got by the battery to the starter solenoid to wrench the motor and make it go.

6. You Don’t Have Spark

For your motor to begin, it needs the underlying electrical flow, the necessary measure of fuel, and the flash to begin the ignition framework blast. One of the neglected issues that could bring about our vehicle not beginning is an awful flash attachment.

On the off chance that your motor doesn’t get the sparkle, it won’t light the fuel in the chamber. While there are indications of an awful sparkle plug. The greater part of these signs is difficult to distinguish or consume a large chunk of the prior day seeing them.

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7. Not Having Enough Gas In The Gas Tank

While this may be self-evident, numerous individuals begin freezing about their vehicle will not begin. However, the battery is acceptable without checking their gas tank. In the event that you don’t have gas in your fuel tank, the motor won’t turn over.

Accordingly, prior to moving any further, and the principal thing to do is check, you have sufficient gas in your tank. Once in a while, there may be issues with the fuel perusing check where it gives some unacceptable perusing. In this manner, you may have to add somewhat more fuel to your tank and have a go at turning over the motor.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix This Problem?

At the point when your vehicle will not begin, however, the battery is acceptable. A wide range of issues could be causing the issues, as you saw in the past segments. Thusly, when taking a gander at the cost to determine this issue. The cost differs by the issue source, and beneath are some good guesses about the amount to hope to determine every issue:

  1. In the event that the issue is identified with the battery and you need to supplant the whole part, hope to pay between $45 to $250, as indicated by Kelly Blue Book.
  2. Be that as it may, if the issue has to do with consumed wires, you may have to pay somewhere in the range of $110 and $140.
  3. To supplant your vehicle’s starter, you need to pay between $344 to $562.
  4. Supplanting the start switch needs about $125 and $275.


It is disappointing to begin your morning with your car won’t start but battery is good. While you may think the battery isn’t the guilty party. A few batteries store a little charge enough to begin a portion of the electrical segments however not the motor.

There are numerous reasons your vehicle will not begin. In any case, the battery is acceptable, incorporating issues with the actual battery, issues with the starter, issues with the start switch, and the wires. Lastly, issues with the fuel framework. Notwithstanding the wellspring of the beginning issue. You need to get it fixed straight away to try not to stall out without a vehicle.

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