Why My Trunk Won’t Close?

Trunk locks are like your standard vehicle entryway locks. However, a simple similitude doesn’t mean they are something similar. On a surface level, drivers ought to seek to keep up and care for their vehicle trunk secures. Similarly, they give it a second thought and fix vehicle entryway locks.

The vehicle trunk is normally situated in the back of the vehicle in many models. In certain vehicles wherein the motor is situated in the center or the back of the vehicle. The storage compartment is situated at the front. In some models, there have been two compartments.

In fact, the heap space in a vehicle can be delegated “shut” or “open.” An open – yet secure – load space is found in SUVs, minivans, and station carts. Inside a truck, the open extra room is regularly situated in the unstable bed and there is no obvious trunk accessible.

But the question arises why my trunk won’t close? On the off chance that you disapprove of your vehicle’s trunk, and it will not close safely, it very well may be too perilous to even think about driving.

Why My Trunk Won’t Close?

Trunks are one of the less complex segments of a vehicle, however actually like some other mechanical part, they can glitch. Now and then your trunk will not bolt, while on different occasions it will not open. These are some of the causes of why my trunk won’t close:-

1. Broken Latch

The lock is the thing that permits your trunk to close. The hook in your trunk works equivalent to the lock in your entryway or safety belt. There is an associating unit on the storage compartment and on the casing of the vehicle, and when you close the storage compartment the two pieces hook together, fixing the storage compartment safely.

At the point when you open the storage compartment, the hook delivers and permits the way to unhinge. In the event that this lock is harmed while the storage compartment is shut, it can lose its capacity to deliver. This will regularly occur if the vehicle ingests sway around the storage compartment. At the point when your hook breaks, you’ll be not able to open the storage compartment.

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2. Damaged Trunk Cable

A few vehicles don’t have an idea about their trunk and depend totally on a switch in the lodge (or a catch on the keys) to open. For this situation, you discharge the hook not by pulling on an idea about the storage compartment. Yet by pulling on a trigger (normally close to the driver’s seat). Which gets to the storage compartment lock through a link. At the point when this link is broken, there is no association between the storage compartment lock and the storage compartment opening switch. And you will not have the option to open the storage compartment.

3. Lock Actuator Malfunction

The lock actuator is the thing that controls the lock on your trunk. It’s anything but a little engine with gears that shift when you lock the storage compartment, so the hook can’t deliver the entryway. In the event that this engine kicks the bucket, the storage compartment hook can presently don’t bolt or open.

4. Broken Locking Mechanism

At the point when you press the storage compartment lock button inside your vehicle or on your vehicle keys. It’s anything but a sign to the actuator to bolt the entryways and the storage compartment. On the off chance that this catch doesn’t bolt any of the entryways.

In all likelihood the battery in the catch is dead or the catch is defective. On the off chance that the catch bolts the entryways however doesn’t bolt the storage compartment, the actuator is most likely to blame.

How To Fix A Trunk That won’t Close?

Step 1

Press down on your trunk, and have someone discharge your trunk’s delivery system from inside your vehicle at the same time. These frameworks can get stuck yet can now and then be delivered if the delicate descending pressing factor is applied to your trunk while the system is being initiated. In the event that this is the issue, apply some ointment.

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Step 2

Clean the lock and the region where it associates with the case. In the event that soil or garbage has gotten held up here, it can prevent the hook from interfacing appropriately. It’s a smart thought to vacuum the region to guarantee no little pieces of rock have become caught and prevented the system from getting appropriately.

Step 3

Analyze the hook and the region where it associates with the body of the vehicle. Both of these might have gotten offended or harmed in some alternate manner if the storage compartment has been closed with a check in the manner. If so, contact your vehicle’s producer or a neighborhood carport to discover a substitution if the components can’t be fixed.

Step 4

Check for any imprints in the body of your vehicle around the storage compartment. In the event that the bodywork is distorted or rusty, the lock could be crooked. If so, it’s a smart thought to converse with a bodywork expert prior to making any endeavor to eliminate the flaws yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Trunk?

A trunk hook substitution may cost around $22 to $140 contingent upon the brand and model of the vehicle. You’re wanting to introduce. In case you’re having it’s anything but a body shop, you must have extra spending prepared for work and different charges for the storage compartment hook fix.


Last but not least the entire article states the fact that why my trunk won’t close. You will not harm your vehicle by driving it if the storage compartment will not bolt or open. In any case, a vehicle with a trunk that will not bolt welcomes burglary.

In the event that the storage compartment opens while you’re driving, you might actually lose possessions kept in the storage compartment or impede your permeability out of the rearview reflect. It’s anything but fundamentally going to be a simple interaction.

And there is a high chance that you will require some help somehow. The main thing here is that you keep a composed mind, and make an effort not to harm your vehicle further as you endeavor to open up your trunk.

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